Decking is designed not only for terraces, as the name implies. This reliable and already proven flooring is irreplaceable in the areas around the pool, in a gazebo or a garden path, on the balcony or in the bathroom, in a word, where construction materials are exposed to a particularly intensive use in harsh environment. Coverage of  a terrace board looks stylish and also is able to serve more than one hundred years!

This versatility is due to the unique characteristics of a terrace board: it does not fade in the sun, is not afraid of temperature changes, high humidity, fungus or insect pests. Due to a special surface of the plank you may even walk barefoot without fear of slipping or getting a splinter.

A more reliable material for decking is larch. This kind of timber is resistant to moisture and is characterized by particularly high performance. The grade of a plank affects only the appearance (the presence of knots and visual defects), but in no way affects its quality - it is always perfect.

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