BATTEN “STILL” (“Russian”, “Classic”)

Batten “Still” is a stylish inside furnishing element. After assembly has a flatter surface than euro batten, while preserving the same quality. Made by the same technology and have the same physical characteristics and polished to a perfect smoothness. A spine-and-groove locking system is equipped with compensative gutter. It can be used for finishing the ceilings, walls, floors, balconies; at a sufficient thickness of the plank - as an external decoration of buildings. Batten “Still” is universal: can be fitted on any surface, it has a unique texture and an affordable cost. If finish facade, batten “Still” is fitted on a layer of thermal insulation and furring. Very easy in service – it is enough to wash it with standard cleaning agents. It retains its unique characteristics and decorative appearance for a long time, thanks to the endurance of the material.

Batten “Still” has the following advantages:

  • general reliability, resistance to the environment;
  • easy to process;
  • provides excellent thermal insulation.


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