Nowadays high technologies allow to create many synthetic materials of different properties, but wood is still in extreme demand and very popular.

It is conditioned by such reasons as:

  • affordability;
  • ecological properties;
  • aesthetic properties;
  • density; reliability;
  • durability.

To produce the sawn timber and molded products MOSANKA, Ltd. uses softwood (Angara pine, Siberian larch, Siberian cedar, spruce), which possess unique qualities.

  • Angara pine is well-known all over the world by its density and reliability, ease of processing (timber perfectly yields to machining and does not crack during drying). It is popular for its antibacterial, heat- and noise-preserving properties. It is famous for its resistance to rotting and infestation by fungus and insects. Angara pine wood has a translucent amber color, which does not change over years.
  • The main feature of Siberian larch is high density and durability. In comparison with other conifers the Siberian larch wood has the best resistance to any external influences. Due to a combination of high density and a specific composition of larch resin, it is highly resistant to rotting. Siberian larch timber is often used for interior design to create a unique interior. This is due to a wide range of colors of wood - from light yellow to red and golden-brown shades. Unique natural texture of the Siberian larch makes it possible not to use an additional finishing and processing.
  • Siberian cedar timber has a lovely aesthetic and noble color, comparable in diversity to the color of Siberian larch - from bright pink to reddish. It is considered to be a soft wood, but it has a sufficient strength because of its special structure. Almost like the Siberian larch resists to moisture and temperature changes. Not susceptible to rotting. Often used as a floor board because of its heat preserving properties.
  • Spruce timber is a very reliable and durable product. Its basic properties are similar to the Siberian pine, but it yields less to machining. After drying it becomes more flexible and lightweight and rarely cracks. Spruce timber retains of a warm white color with a golden hue for a long time.

The territory and the possibility of the factory allow to provide the entire production process.

A strict control on all stages of production contributes to get the exact dimensions of the products. Gentle wood processing technologies retain its unique properties.

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