Aspen Tree

Aspen refers to non-core, scattered-vascular wood species. The wood is white in color, slightly with greenish shades. Due to the uniformity of the structure, it allows you to make cuts in almost any direction without chipping it. Aspen wood is easily cut and processed on a lathe, it is easy to peel, chop, mill, saw. The density of wood is about 480-500 kv / m3.

For the most part, construction materials are made from aspen wood, such as plywood, timber, roundwood, boards, chipboard, fiberboard, veneer. Pallets and containers for cargo transportation are manufactured. And also, matches and toothpicks are made from aspen. Aspen wood was previously used to cover the roofs of churches. The aspen roof dried quickly after the rain and did not rot.

Aspen wood is dense, with poorly visible annual rings, homogeneous in structure. The humidity of the wood in the central part is lower than in the peripheral parts of the trunk. The color of the wood is white, grayish-white, sometimes greenish. It is not possible on a cross-section

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