Euro batten is highly valued both in Russia and abroad for its high strength characteristics, rich texture, durability. This is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials. Euro batten is well-known for its ideal geometry and a broader spike. That helps to avoid any profile changes under the influence of moisture and temperature, and thus the appearance of cracks. It is easy to clean and looks like a simple wooden plank, but produced from selective timber and by highly-precise equipment. We use the German «Weinig» equipment to get the quality and the perfect balance between thickness and width of our product – a well processed, smooth surfaced euro batten. High quality, simple installation, durable service life and wide application – main features of our euro batten.

 This material contributes to a favorable climate, an optimal level of humidity, a thermal insulation, while having following advantages:

  • high endurance;
  • excellent moisture resistance;
  • cracking resistance;
  • rotting resistance, affected by fungus and insects.

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