Planken is a traditional facade material. It differs by the absence of a spine-and-groove locking system. This kind of  plank contributes to the aesthetic of the building and serve for many years. The application sphere is almost unlimited.

Planken is mainly used for external finishing because an antiseptic and flame retardant impregnation makes it resistant to fungus and fire. Also successfully used for the building of fences.

But it is also suitable for interior to trim walls and floors, including terraces. While choosing the kind of timber for planken it is important to note that both pine and larch are equally perfect in use, combining high strength, durability and resistance to physical and atmosphere influence with a reasonable cost. However a pine plank is not recommended to batten a bath or a sauna because of the ability of the resin to emit when is heated to a high temperature (80-90°C).

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