Birch tree

Birch wood is homogeneous in structure. It is almost devoid of resins. As a result, solid birch furniture can withstand heavy loads, especially shock. This tree is very plastic and pliable. Due to its softness, it is easy to process. At the same time, it is much harder than linden or poplar. These properties allow you to get from the manufacturer furniture made of solid birch, serving for decades without chips, cracks and loss of strength.

The wood is quite light, rather the lightest of all, sometimes with a slight yellowish tinge. The wood is light and pleasant to process. Its structure is homogeneous. It is easy to color. It is convenient to make small objects from birch, such as dishes, figurines, jewelry boxes, toys, wooden combs and so on. The production of small objects from birch is due to its uniform structure and resistance to cracking. It is convenient to make it into frames for paintings, icons, for example.

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