Profile of this material is known as ''a wood-house''. Imitation of timber is another type of  batten, which is mainly used for horizontal cladding. The most valuable are the wide planks.

Imitation of timber contributes to the external view of the building, making it more noble and neat, disguising wall surface defects. After fungicidal treatment pine does not change its color to dark, and ultraviolet makes no influence. Even if the house is built of timber, it may eventually need repair. Imitation timber is a perfect material for this. It can be used as a cover for the walls made of timber, brick and other materials. And it is difficult even for an expert to distinguish the imitation from a natural timber after finishing.

Imitation of timber is also suitable for interior: in a summer kitchen, veranda, in a living room, as a base material or decorative element. Pine materials are not recommended only for the steam rooms and sauna baths, because of pine resin which may emit when is heated to a high temperature (80-90°C).

It can be used as a non-load bearing frame partitions, and that is why the imitation of timber became very popular with the development of frame housing.

Imitation of timber is an excellent, environmentally friendly and completely natural material, which is able to create a cozy and friendly atmosphere in the house.

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