Today MOSANKA, Ltd. is a STABLE company

The territory and capabilities of the factory allow to provide the entire production process from beginning to end. All products are dried in their own kilns, packaged in our signature wrap and is shipped to the ship.
Today <span>MOSANKA, Ltd.</span> is a <span>STABLE</span> company

Products of HIGH QUALITY and technical characteristics

To be sure in high quality and technical features of the sawn timber we chose a reliable equipment by Weinig (Germany). Gentle wood processing technologies retain its unique properties.
Products of <span>HIGH QUALITY</span> and technical characteristics

All products are certified

The area and facilities of the company allow to provide all the production process.
The quality of our production is acknowledged by the Certificate of Conformity.
The products of "Mosanka" conforms to requirements of System of voluntary certification "Made in Russia" with the right to use the mark of conformity "Made in Russia"
All products are <span>certified</span>

The main activity is the export of sawn timber

In 2007 MOSANKA, Ltd. founded a sawmill. And since the main business line is the export of sawn timber and molded products. Its stable customers are large firms in Turkey, Spain and Israel (earlier in Syria and Egypt).
The main activity is the <span>export of sawn timber</span>

Mosanka - Export of sawn timber

Mosanka - Export of sawn timber

Softwood sawn timber exports

MOSANKA, Ltd. is responsive to the customer's demands:

- any timber grade and dimension are acceptable on request;

- any issues on the volume and cost of our production can be discussed on mutually rewarding terms.

MOSANKA, Ltd. is able to produce  up to 800 m3 of softwood sawn timber dried to 10-14%.

The territory and the possibility of the factory allow to provide the entire production process.

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Export Angarsk pine, Mosanka

Angara pine

Plank | Beam

Exports of larch, Mosanka

Siberian larch

Plank | Beam

Exports of Birch, Mosanka

Birch tree

Plank | Beam

Exports of Birch, Mosanka

Aspen Tree

Plank | Beam


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